Inexpensive vs. Cheap: You Get What You Pay For

budget image
When planning an event, budgets are always a primary concern. Everyone wants to get the most for their money — and I don’t blame them! However, I often hear people ask, “do you know of a good, cheap vendor?” That question always brings to mind the quote, “you get what you pay for.” In my opinion, there is cheap; there is inexpensive; and you always get what you pay for.

Some people may argue that “cheap” and “inexpensive” are synonyms and essentially mean the same thing. I argue that the difference lies in the semantics. When looking for a good or service that is “cheap”, it creates the impression that the price matters more than the quality of the product. Are you willing to buy a small, tasteless, greasy pizza just because the price is good? You get what you pay for.

If instead you were to use the word “inexpensive” when describing the good or service you are interested in, it implies that you are looking for a quality product that fits within your budget. You want the best service you can get for what you are able to pay. Doesn’t that sound much better?

You may agree or disagree, but please keep this in mind when looking for goods and services for your event. Offbeat Occasions wants you to have the best possible experience planning your event from beginning to end — while maintaining your budget.

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