Put the “U” in Unique

For some couples, a traditional wedding ceremony and reception is a dream come true. For others, it may be the kind of stale institution that is keeping them from tying the knot. At Offbeat Occasions, we encourage you to put the “U” in Unique!

Some little girls dream of their wedding day from a very young age. They may envision walking down the aisle toward their future husband in a long, white wedding dress with a bouquet of pink roses. They may also imagine a live swing band playing their favorite song in a room draped with matching linens.


Then there are other little girls who find themselves all grown up, engaged to someone they love, and they have no vision or clue where to begin! The possibilities may seem endless and overwhelming. That’s why Offbeat Occasions is here to help!

Our goal is to help you make your event reflect who you are as a couple in a meaningful and memorable way. What do you enjoy doing together as a couple? What are your hobbies? If you enjoy watching movies together, we can do a Classic Hollywood theme. If you are outdoorsy, we can plan a Rustic Mountain inspired event. Enjoy wine and fine food? Let’s plan a Chic Vineyard themed day for you.

hollywood table markers                             rustic                             vineyard centerpiece

If there is one thing Offbeat Occasions could tell every couple planning their big day it would be, “don’t limit your own imagination.” Tradition does not have to dictate how you celebrate your relationship. We can help you create a vision for your day including all of the unique elements “U” want!

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