Not Your Mama’s Centerpieces

With a tight event budget, a quick way to cut costs is to cut flowers.  No, we aren’t telling you to chop up your neighbor’s prize begonias.  There are plenty of creative alternatives to replace the standard floral centerpiece.  Here are a few of our favorites!


liquor bottle candlesCan you say “dramatic”??  By simply melting a candle into an old liquor bottle, you can instantly create a centerpiece that brings to mind theatrical drama or romantic old-world charm.  Call up your friends, have a party with some mixed drinks, remove the labels, clean the bottles and voile!  Everybody wins.


candy bouquet

Mmmm… candy.  Add a nifty pop of color to your event by featuring a candy centerpiece at each table.  Use a glass vase with colored sand to highlight your decorating colors, or stick with a colored vase and a ribbon.  While you’re at it, why not explore different kinds of candy?  Lollipops, candy bars, twizzlers… The possibilities are endless!


fruit centerpiece

Truth be told, we’re waiting for the day when a bride will let us use Sangria as a centerpiece.  How cool does that sound??  The colors in the fruit and wine would make an amazing accent piece.  But alas, we shall continue awaiting that day.  In the meantime, check out this really cool pic of a fruit inspired centerpiece.  The floral accents on top can be fake flowers from a craft store or you can ditch them all together.  Oh! Why not try a floating candle??


Honestly, we could talk about non-floral centerpieces all day long.  There are so many funky, creative ideas out there!  Explore your options and feel free to share ideas in the comments section below.  To get your wheels turning, here are a few additional items that we thought would be cool to use: buttons, holiday ornaments, brooches, feathers, twigs, picture frames, mirrors, concert tickets, lanterns, monograms, coffee mugs, stones, origami, cupcakes, wine corks… ok we’ll stop now…

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