Candy Bars: More Than Child’s Play

 Have you attended an event that offered a Candy Bar? No, I don’t mean the host offered you a Snickers or Milky Way. Though that could be fun, a Candy Bar offers much more. Picture it: a table completely devoted to eating as much candy, in all varieties, as you can. Let’s face it… it’s not for the faint of heart.

Popular at Baby Showers, Wedding Receptions, and Birthday Parties, Candy Bars provide the host a creative, personalized outlet that benefits the appetites of the guests. Use glass vases, large bowls, plastic popcorn containers, or anything that reflects the party theme. Personalize it by choosing your favorite candy or select a variety that offers something for everyone. Take it as an opportunity to accentuate the color scheme by only choosing candy that matches. The possibilities are endless!


Clearly my passion for Candy Bars is showing through, but that’s because they are such a fun, interactive party element! The best part? By setting out plastic bags with twist ties, the Candy Bar can also double as a party favor. Add a sign that says something like, “For our guests who are so sweet, we offer you this special treat!”… or whatever cute saying you can come up with…

However you decide to do your Candy Bar, have fun with it and enjoy that sugar rush!


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