Summer Series: Hilltop Cultural Festival

Where: Transverse Park, Mt. Oliver
When: Saturday, August 10, 2013
What: Non-Profit Community Event


Pittsburgh’s Hilltop Community is rooted in history, looked upon with assumption, but is nevertheless a growing cultural hub. Few people know what this community has to offer, so this summer Offbeat Occasions helped coordinate an event to raise awareness.

The Hilltop Cultural Festival was hosted by the YMCA Hilltop Computer Center, the Knoxville Branch of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, and the Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh. Their goal was to create an event that would bring the community together to foster awareness and understanding between the Hilltop residents and the Bhutanese refugees. [To learn more about the Bhutanese refugees, check out this link:]

Ashley, owner of Offbeat Occasions, was responsible for gathering ideas from the hosts and forming them into one cohesive event. It was a joy! The end result was a sunny afternoon at Transverse Park, full of face painting, mask making, snacks, cultural dancing, a magician, and yes… even a bounce house.

Being a grassroots event, Ashley made use of whatever resources were available — calling upon friends and family to help staff the event. She enlisted the help of kids in the community to make signs and canvassed flyers all over Brownsville Road with co-workers.






As the old saying goes, “where there is a will, there is a way.” In this case, Ashley was personally invested, not only as the event coordinator, but as someone who has grown to appreciate and care for the Hilltop community. And this is the passion she brings to every event. It’s not about the profit; it’s not about the acknowledgment; it’s about seeing the happiness in the client’s eyes as they watch all the details fall into place. That, in event planning, is true success.

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