Bring Your Own…

I have a big family. We are two families blended together, each sibling has a significant other, and there are nieces and nephews. When we get together for holidays, it is loud, hot, and crowded. (But we love every minute of it!) This year, as my mom and I were squeezing chairs around the big dining room table to fit everyone for Thanksgiving dinner, I had a super fun idea…

[Bring Your Own… Chair!]

If you have a big family like me, or even if you don’t, you can add an eclectic look to your holiday get-together by asking guests to “Bring Your Own Chair.” They may make it easy and bring a folding chair OR they could get silly and bring a recliner. Maybe someone will show up with a bean bag chair… or a funky egg chair… the possibilities are endless! Take a picture and enjoy at how creative everyone gets.


[Bring Your Own… Cup!]

Limited space might prevent you from asking guests to bring their own chair, but you can still achieve the eclectic element to your event in a space saving way. Asks your guests to “Bring Your Own Cup.” Think about it… wine glasses, coffee mugs, dollar-store holiday cups, sippy cups, beer steins… what will your guests bring??


[Bring Your Own… Place Card!]

Perhaps your family/friends happen to be a very creative group. In that case, why not go all out? Encourage your guests to “Bring Your Own Place Card.” They can make it crafty, buy it from a store, or write it on a scrap of paper. There are so many fun ideas you can try! Consider a wine cork place card, a re-purposed Christmas tree ornament, a holiday candle, a pine cone… Oh my creativity wheels are turning!

place cards 2 place cards 3

place cards 4 place cards

If you want to add a little flair and fun to your holiday gathering, this could be the way to do it! Encourage your guests to be silly and creative. You never know what they’ll come up with! Take a picture and share it with us.

Happy Holidays!

Holiday Pinterest Par-taaay!

When my friend, Cari, invited me to her holiday-themed Pinterest Party, I knew it was going to be fun. The party was this past Saturday and it was filled with crafty, creative awesomeness!

My mother, mother-in-law, and I giggled and glued alongside some new friends we met that night. Beads and rice went flying, fingers were blistered with hot glue burns, and there were a few craft fails, but that’s the fun of crafting with friends! Sometimes you have a success (ex: the sock snowman) and sometimes you don’t (ex: the gold-painted mug and felt snowflake I did not share a picture of).

Cari spent hours planning and preparing for the party and it showed! We were able to bring our own flair to each project and easily move from one completed task to the next. By the end of the night, I made a rice-stuffed sock snowman, button ornament, wine cork tree ornament, wire bead ornament, paper-stuffed ornament, pine cone elf, tiny things ornament, and hanging votive ornament. Our tree will certainly look a little fuller with decorations this year!


[Crafting Craziness!]


[Finished products!]

As guests, we also contributed Pinterest-inspired snacks. Yum!


[My mom’s Strawberry and Cool Whip Santas. Aren’t they adorable??]


[A Christmas Tree Pinwheel treat… somebody had a few before I snapped the photo…]


[I made Chocolate Covered Pretzels! I LOVE chocolate molds and melting chocolate. So fun!]

Why not plan your own Pinterest Party?? It can be Christmas-themed, Spring-themed, or just find a few projects on Pinterest and have a random craft night! Get creative, get giggly, and have fun!