Snowed In with Kiddos??

Here’s a quick blog in response to a request for things to do when you are snowed in with little ones! The cabin fever may be setting in, but hopefully you can catch a brief break from it with these three ideas.

#1 – Homemade Playdough Recipe


I have childhood memories of making and playing with homemade Playdough. (I may have also taken a bite or two of it when no one was looking…) The fun is more in the “making” than the “playing.” Kids these days have plenty of toys and Playdough. Showing them where it comes from is sure to make a memory. Check out this recipe for how to make it:


#2 – Challenge House


If your kid is bouncing off the walls with extra energy, try playing “Challenge House” to tire him out. Make a list of “challenges” that he must complete in each room of the house to earn a “token.” The challenges and tokens can really be whatever you want. The idea is just to direct his energy. Here’s an example:

 Kitchen – Hop on your right foot 5 times, hop on your left foot 5 times, touch the ground then jump in the air 5 times to earn ONE Gold Star Token

Living Room – Crawl like a baby in a circle, crawl like a baby in a circle backwards, act like a monkey, and make a sound like a cow to earn TWO Gold Star Tokens

His or Her Bedroom – Dance with your favorite stuffed animal to earn ONE Gold Star Token

Customize the challenges to fit your house and your rules!


#3 – Happy Notes


Put his brain to work by getting out some craft supplies (coloring paper, crayons, glue, etc.). Have him make a card for someone he loves (Grandma, Pap, cousins). While he’s doing that, ask him to name 3 things he loves about that person (ex: She makes yummy food. He reads me stories. We play Super Heros together). Write them down on a separate piece of paper, put that paper in the card he made, and mail it to that person. It will be fun when he gets a phone call a few days later from the person he loves thanking him for the sweet card!

Like I said, it’s all about directing his (or her!) energy. Give these ideas a try and let me know how they go!

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