Adventures in Pittsburgh

Valentine’s weekend. A time to stuff yourself silly with chocolates and think about all kinds of lovey-dovey stuff. (I tend to do that every weekend, but I digress.)

The past two weekends, my hubby and I had a chance to spend time together. Usually this means some sort of adventure, but this time we kept out adventures within city limits. We had so much fun that I wanted to share these date ideas with you!

Northside Noms & Art

It was a typical dreary, winter Saturday in Pittsburgh and we were itching for something to do… Something different. After watching a Rick Sebak special on Northside sandwich shoppes, we decided to take our hungry tummies in that direction. We hit up Benjamin’s Western Avenue Burger Bar [] and OMG was it good. The staff was welcoming and friendly. The space was cozy with a fireplace and wooden floors. The food was unique and comforting. Highly recommended by this girl!

After getting our grub on, we went to the Andy Warhol Museum [] – a Pittsburgh treasure. It was fun to see the different mediums used to create art and to learn more about Andy Warhol. Heads up: some exhibits are not meant for young eyes, so you may want to think twice before bringing the kiddos along!

Chips & Giggles

Due to work schedules, we celebrated Valentine’s Day this past Sunday. Our celebration started with grabbing dinner at one of our favorite restaurants – Mad Mex. Since I can’t have dairy, I love the fact that they offer dairy substitutes. Hooray for progressive restaurants!

Once we were properly stuffed with chips and burritos, we made our way over to the Arcade Comedy Theater in Downtown Pittsburgh. Never heard of it? Well you are missing out! For $5, we got to see hilarious, live improv comedy in a classic downtown location. Does it get any better?? Oh wait, it does. In addition to their special events, they have $5 shows every Sunday at 7pm. Want to take the kids? They offer “Penny Arcade” shows once a month that are kid-friendly. Get all the details at (Did I mention they are BYOB?!)

Hopefully this inspires you to get creative and explore Pittsburgh with your significant other, your kids, or a great group of friends!

Valentine Treat Bags

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I could write a blog about romantic get-aways or Singles Only celebrations.  BUT I had this super fun idea come to mind for a family-friendly craft project and I just HAD to share it!  Hopefully you find these treat bags as cute and easy to make as I intended them to be.


Valentine Treat Bags

Materials needed:materials

Construction Paper
Tape or Glue Stick
Lunch Bags

[Owl Always Love You!]

Cut two circles from white paper to make eyes.  Color pupils in the eyes.

Cut two larger circles from another color of paper (I used black).  TIP: fold the paper before cutting to get two same size circles.

Tape or glue the white circles to the color circles, then tape of glue them to the lunch bag.

                                      holes   holes 2   holes 3eyes

Choose two colors of paper.  Cut a large U shape from one and a smaller U shape from the other.  Tape or glue the small U to the large U, then tape or glue them to the lunch bag.


Cut a small rectangle for a beak and tape or glue it to the bag.

Use the same two colors of paper to cut large and small wings.  Tape or glue the small wings to the large wings, then tape or glue them to the lunch bag.


Open the lunch bag and fill with as much candy as you’d like.


Fold the top corners to the front and flip the top down.  Tape or glue in place and see your Owl come to life!!!


[Trunk Full of Love!]
Cut eyes, ears, and a trunk from the construction paper.  Tape or glue them to the lunch bag.
Fill the lunch bag with as much candy as you’d like.
Poke the top folds of the bag out to accentuate the ears.  Fold the top over to keep candy in.  Tape or glue in place and say hello to your Elephant!


[Don’t Froget Me!]
Cut spots from the construction paper.  Tape or glue them to the lunch bag.
Fill the lunch bag with as much candy as you’d like.
Fold the top of the bag to the front and tape or glue the eyes and tongue in place.  Here’s your Frog!


Let your kids be creative with this project!  Use any colors you want.  Think of different animals to create.  Make it your own!  My only wish is that this craft project makes your Valentine’s Day special, fun, and easy to do.

treat bags —————————————————————————————————————- 
Did you make the craft?  Post a picture and let us know how it turned out!