What’s Hatching?

If you’re scrambling for last minute ways to make Easter a big hit with the kids, You might want to give this a try!

Easter egg hunts are so much fun… Then again, I think any kind of a scavenger hunt is fun!  Anyway, my mom and I were shopping last weekend and she wanted to pick up some eggs for an Easter egg hunt for my niece and nephews. But what to put inside??  Candy, money, and cheap toys have always been the go to. But what if you don’t want to overload the kids on candy?  What if there are little ones who might swallow the tiny, cheap toy?!

That’s when we had our “a-ha” moment. RAFFLE TICKETS.   Each little egg can hold one raffle ticket. When the kids find all the eggs, they can trade their raffle tickets for prizes. It’s a win/win!

Now, here are a few tips to guarantee egg hunting success:

1. Assign each kid a color. They are only to hunt for the eggs that are their assigned color. This ensures that the older ones don’t find all the eggs before the little ones. AND you can hide the eggs in harder locations for the older kids and easier locations for the young ones. It’s genius!!! (If I do say so myself.)

2. Have a set number of prizes per kid. They can only trade their raffle ticket for one of their prizes. Maybe the oldest kid has 10 raffle tickets? Negotiate the trade so that he still gets all of his prizes. Maybe the littlest kid got distracted and only found one raffle ticket. Have a “sale” – all of his prizes for just one ticket!  Everybody’s happy. 

Now that you are armed with an awesome Easter egg hunt plan, go for it!  Make memories and giggle all day!  Be sure to share some pictures. We’d love to see your hunt!

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