Calendar Party

As an event planner, I LOVE being invited to parties that OTHER PEOPLE plan.  It’s so much fun for me to see the details they think of and the creativity they bring.  This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a church fundraiser “Calendar Party”, which was the idea of teenage girls in the congregation.

So what exactly is a “Calendar Party”??  It’s one of those concepts I love so much that I’m kicking myself for not coming up with on my own!!!  Basically, you get no more than 12 people together and each person picks one month of the year as “theirs”.  They then pick a holiday or common theme associated with that month and use that as inspiration for decorating a table for the party.  To use November as an example, you can choose the obvious Thanksgiving theme, the less obvious Election Day theme, get silly with a Black Friday shopping theme, or spread awareness by using Children’s Grief Awareness Day as your theme.  (Did you know Children’s Grief Awareness Day is the third Thursday of November each year?  It lands on November 19 this year!  Wear blue to raise awareness and share hope!)


As a fundraising event, the heads of each table can invite friends to sit at their themed-table and participate in the party for the price of a ticket.  A ticket to the party I went to was $10 and included dinner.  That’s a pretty good deal!  The event also included a Chinese Auction, a Live Auction, bingo, and contests for “Most Creative Table” and “Most Aesthetically Pleasing Table”.

My favorite part was seeing the creativity each person used to show the theme of their table.  The January table looked like a seen from Frozen and was celebrating National Tea Month.  The April table had tiaras for their guests because they were celebrating the Royal Wedding of William and Kate.  The most creative table?  June.  The table was decorated like a beach scene and their decorator showed up dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow — they were celebrating Johnny Depp’s birthday which is in June!

jack sparrow

I didn’t get a picture of the person in costume… but I think looking at Johnny Depp’s rendition of Jack Sparrow is just as nice. Isn’t he dreamy??


Although I wasn’t in charge of a table, my mother was… which meant I got to help!  Hooray!  She chose February as her month and we went with a Valentine’s Day theme.  My mom had so many creative ideas!  She would show me a picture of something she wanted and we worked together to make it happen.  The next few posts will go into the “how to” part more in depth, but here’s a sneak preview at our finished product!

calendar table

Have you ever been to a Calendar Party?  Are you interested in hosting one as a fundraiser or as a fun, themed event?  Let me know and I’ll help you start planning your party today!

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